From Nature

     Slimore Dried Fruit Chips    

Slimore Dried Fruit Chips are very crispy and tasty. It is 100% pure fruit. 
Sugar-free, Gluten-Free Non-artificial flavour food. 

슬림모어 토마토.jpg
슬림모어 토마토.jpg

Dried Fruit Chips

The Near-infrared ray drying wavelength is transmitted directly to the chips to be dehydrated quickly. The surfaces and the insides of the fruits are dried together and thus well dehydrated. By minimizing changes help retain the natural properties and texture of the food without destroying tissues, ingredients, nutrients, and has very high sterilization effects.


Diverse use for cooking

Add the fruit chips to your food,  you will have
more delicious dishes with luxury tastes. it can go well with various dishes such as salad, yogurt and wine snacks.